Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day at Statbergersee 16.06.2013

Lost count of what blog this is sorry.

So I was supposed to take a trip today with the Goethe Institut to I believe Salsburg, in which we were going to take a tour and a 15 km hike around but it was apparently thunder-storming and "too dangerous". The leader of the trip quickly abandoned us so we just decided to make a day trip to the Statbergersee in to the southeast of Munich. It was quick and easy and easy to get there and if the rain came down on us we could easily be back via metro in 30 minutes. We got there 30 minutes later and it was definitely the nicest day (weather wise) since I've been in Munich. Anyway, we just started to explore and in what seemed like a heavily Italian-influenced area or what the Italians that were with me said "not-so-Italian-influenced" area. It was filled with even more gelato shops then usual and fresh seafood served "sea-side", it's a giant freshwater lake but Bavarians

love the ocean that they don't have. So we walked down the shore of the lake for a while until we found a clearing that had a dock at the end with a few people tanning on it. We decided to head on the dock just to take pictures but ended up spending about 2 hours there as people took off there shoes and enjoyed the lethally-cold water. Yeah some of us jumped in, yeah I jumped, YOLO. By the time we left to go grab a gelato I realized the clearing was full of people tanning and pretending they were at the beach as much as possible. Any way after the gelato and a lot of pictures we returned to the city around mid-day and split up. I once again walked through the streets to enjoy the continuing sights and sounds of the Munich's birthday festival. Once I was a little tired, I returned to my room to tke an hour nap and then had by far the most delicious dinner so far at the infamous Hofbrahaus. Afterward, I enjoyed some music, still playing at the birthday fest. Great day!!

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