Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 2 +3

Day 2+3 Thursday and Friday (06.06.2013, 07.06.2013)

I was unable to blog yesterday because of school work but not much exploring through Munich was done these past two days. As a student-athlete at CMU, I have to keep up with a summer workout plan to be in shape for our fall season coming up. Anyway, after calss I went to the gym and went back to the Hirschgarten to do homework and play around with a soccer ball. About two hours into my stay, some kids who were laying on a blanket nearby came up to me and began asking me if I was doing anything in particular and to play with me. It turns out these two guys were both my age and had just completed their last "final exam", which was English ironically, and were just enjoying the beautiful weather, A side-note, the weather in Bravaria (Munich) is beautiful during this time of the year when it is not raining. It is a nice dry but cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and only drops to a chilly 55 degrees Farenheit which makes the perfect weather to spend outside. I spent the rest of the afternoon just talking and really comparing cultures for a high school kid in America versus in Germany. They told me it was common for kids to take a year off of school and then resume to college which was what most of them were doing, where he others traveled abroad for school. After, I just walked back to the room and finished homework for the night.

Today on Friday was a more relaxed day, after class I ate lunnch in a traditional Bravarian bakery (B├Ąckerie) and just came to take a nap. After I went to the Englischgarten and ran there only to come back finish this post. Hopefully the weekend brings further adventures. Check out my next post for all the pictures I have snagged throughout the week leading up to today.

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