Saturday, June 15, 2013

06.15.2013 (Week of June 10)
                                                    Monoptreus in Englischgarten
                                                   Protest in Marienplatz
                                                    Protest contd.
                                                   Munich Birthday Festival Marienplatz
                                                    Marienplatz contd.
                                                   Marienplatz contd.
                                                   How i spent the day
                                                   Gotta Love Beer
                                                    Dudes in Laderhosen

                         Where the regulars at the Hofbrauhaus keep their personalized Beer glasses
                                              Entertainment there
                                                     Munich Birthday Celebration in Odeonplatz
                                                    More Birthday Celebration in Hirschgarten
                                                    Hirschgarten contd.
                                                    Biergarten @ Hirschgarten
                                                     My dinner

So I haven't posted all week but that is because I really have not taken pictures all week/done anything that interesting. In general the majority of my week consisted of homework, working out, and class but I'll give you the breakdown of my week anyway, I think my last post was Monday so I'll start with Tuesday:

Tuesday- It was another all-day-rain and way to cold for June day so I beside spending sometime exploring through some basic parts of the city nothing was really done.

Wednesday- The sun finally came out after two consecutive rainy days to bring another one of those beautiful days in Bavaria that just makes you love your life that much more. I decided to explore through the Englischergarten near the University side of the city. I haven't spent much here and I heard they had a great Biergarten so I decided to go through there and read. I did not find the Biergarten but I was able to find a beer and just decided to read on this great spot I found in the garden as I heard jazz bands practice in the distance for the weekends's festivities. Pictures below.

Thursday- Another great weather in the park, so naturally I had to find a Biergarten. If you don't know what a Biergarten is, it is a typical custom in Germany for their parks or restaurants to have areas called a Biergarten in which is usually located in areas with enormous amounts of shade. These areas depend on the location and can hold from 200 to 2.000 people with plenty of tables and benches. Here usually typical Bavarian food is offered and of course, Beer. As much of you can think of and probably a barrel more. The second the weather turns as nice as it is now, Germans speed to these areas and just guzzle beer down as they have pretzels, ribs, or sausages to accompany the beer. This is a place for Germans to socialize or just unwind after work with delicious beer and food. Pictures below. After this beautiful afternoon the Institut was hosting a soccer game right there so I decided to join and ended up playing for three hours with some randoms and it turned into a great evening.

Friday - Friday was once again cold and a little rainy so after my usual routine of class and work outs I decided to just grab dinner and then watch a movie, in German. I saw After Earth and although it was dubbed in German I still roughly followed along and my verdict on the movie: it was not good. Maybe it was because it was in German, maybe it was because Willow Smith is not the best actor, or maybe its the previous two reasons combined. Anyway on a side-note, they sell beer at the Movie Theater, who would have thought. 

Saturday- Finally catching up today, Munich celebrated its 855th birthday so naturally, there was a lot of beer. And a lot more! Starting from Karlsplatz (Stachus) leading to Odeonplatz, which is about 3-5 kilometers distance, many different booths, stands, and stages were set up over night. This two day festival lasting Saturday and Sunday attracts many tourists as well as non-tourists to see many different kinds of musical acts on stage meanwhile of enjoying a crisp, cool beer in the beautiful yet hot weather, Many booths were set up of people selling traditional Bavarian trinkets and handcrafted pieces of art. Along with that of course many crepe stands as well wurst stands were wheeled in to provide the food. To top it all off, if you own your pair of laderhosen you were definitely stunntin it around Munich this weekend. The beautiful weather making its clutch appearance as well as the amount of people having a great time lead to great afternoon. After walking through this festival I explored a little further and found corners of the city I havent seen so far and ran into the internally famous Hofbrauhaus and an awesome market selling fresh seafood and vegetables was filled with people as well as a large Biergarten filled with beer. I had plan to spend my evening in the Hofbrauhaus but after I realized I locked myself out of my room and other complications I ended up in the Hirschgarten Biergarten near home.

That's my week! Sorry it's so long but here's the best part:

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