Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 5 10.06.2013

Did not do much on this rainy Monday but had the usual class and workouts routine and decided to do some shopping for my family. I walked through Stachus and Marienplatz which are definitely the most populated areas of the Munich and my favorite. These two areas are full of great stores with a very large price range that attracts all kinds of spenders. Here all kinds of German is spoken so I am to hear the most and absorb the most German culture/language I can. The area is also littered with very pricey but worth it restaurants, bakeries, and bars that are delicious! I went to a restaurant/bar called zum Spöckmeier. I had a huge but tasty Beef Straganohf(weird spelling sorry) with a delicious liter of Munich-brewed beer which is honestly the best I have ever had. The restaurant was pricey but it was a lot of food and beer and I am still full six hours later. Here are some pics as usual.

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